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The Promise of Good Work, Good Value, and a Good Partnership

It was over 60 years ago. Harry Truman was in office. The United Nations was established. and, of even greater importance, Ridge Printing opened its doors. When you know the solid roots of how a company is built, you can trust the branches to continue to yield the same quality throughout the years. Sixty plus years of making sure printing orders are done according to customer specs; and delivered on time is quite a track record. Founded by the late George W. Gohlinghorst, the company is continued through the able and visionary leadership of his son Henry who started as the company’s sixth full-time employee in 1970. Now, Ridge Printing Corporation provides the livelihood of over 40 families in the Baltimore region with the average employee being 15 years on the job. Many things have changed over the years, including our name. We’ve recently moved to a new location and purchased new equipment. We moved from letterpress to offset, from business forms to annual reports. And we’ve grown from a four-person shop to a $5 million-a-year firm with more than 45 employees. But, as much as things have changed, we have continued to keep our promises – and it has served us well. Today we work with companies large and small, on projects large and small. Many of these customers are household names and many others have been with us for more than 30 years. They stay with us because they know what they’re going to get, when they’re going to get it and exactly what it will cost. Thanks for taking the time to get to know us. Please call us the next time you need a printer that keeps its promises.

As proud as we are to be printers, we’re equally excited to offer the many other services that make us who we are, including mail house services, graphic design, fullfilment, and apparel & promotions. We are your one stop shop for all of your marketing needs.